What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Washing Machines?

Looking for an article that can tell you the difference between commercial and domestic washing machines?

You got the one! Because in today’s post, I am going to share the major difference between commercial and domestic washing machines.

But before directly diving into the comparison between commercial and domestic washing machines, I want you to know a bit about both types of washing machines.

So, starting with the Commercial washing machines…

Commercial washing machines are built to handle high washing demands, that is the main reason they are being used in the laundry industry, hospitals, hotels, and other places where the large turnover of fabric to be cleaned every single day.

They are built to be used frequently or even work all day long. They come with steel exteriors and are more rust-resistant.

They come with heavy & reliable parts that make them be easily serviced instead of frequently replaced.

In short, they are designed for long life compared to domestic washing machines.

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Now let’s talk about Domestic washing machines.

Domestic washing machines are usually meant for personal uses, you see them in homes. They are made to handle less washing needs, like 8-10 family members. They are small in size and less reliable compare than commercial washing machines.

Domestic or residential washing machines are available at cheap prices and they are pretty easy to install compare than commercial washers. They come with more additional features that make them safer for your family as well as for clothes.

Different wash types for different types of fabric to provide a healthy clean for your clothes. Features like child lock ensure your kids’ safety.

Moreover, they come with a variety of designs and colours to match your preference and home look.

This kind of washing machine comes with the plastic parts and have high chances to break, and very difficult to get the repair. Because of plastic parts they usually have a short life span.

There are two types of washing machines available, Front-load and Top-load.

Major Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Washing Machines

Now let’s dive into the difference between commercial and domestic washing machines and find out which one is best for you.


Commercial washing machines have the strong warranty period and easy to get serviced.

But here is something that most domestic washing machine buyer overlook, domestic washing machine warranty often get void or reduced if you ever used in commercial applications.

For example, if you have purchased a domestic washing machine for your hotel’s washing needs and cleaning heavy sheets of your hotel rooms if your machine gets any issue, it will not be covered in warranty because hotel comes under commercial applications and you should purchase commercial washing machine instead of domestic.


Commercial washers come with more capacity than domestic washers and that’s the main reasons behind their use in hotels, hospital and other places where high volume to fabric needs to be cleaned every day.

Domestic washers are for personal use and bought for home washing needs. They come with less capacity and you hardly get a domestic washing machine with capacity over 12KG.

Because at home, your washing need is very low, you only need to clean your family members clothes. Whereas places where commercial machines are used, have a high volume of clothes to clean every day.

Reliability & Durability

When it comes to reliability, commercial washing machines wins over domestic washing machines because they come with technology inside that are aimed to provide excellent performance.

Commercial machines can handle the high washing overload and can support multiple washing cycles in a row.

So, commercial washers are more reliable that the domestic washers.


Domestic washing machines are easy to install and take small space in your home, it can stay at any corner of your home.

Whereas, Commercial washing machines have more complexity in installation and require more space.


Commercial washing machines are much higher in price, as they can handle high capacity and easily support continues wash cycle.

Domestic washing machines are cheap because they are built for personal uses and comes with low capacity.

When Commercial Washing Machine Is Good For You?

Commercial washing machines are made to support heavy washing needs, they are seen in hospital, hotels and other places where a high volume of clothes needed to clean every day.

Or, if you are planning to start a laundry business then it is recommended. These kinds of washing needs can’t be handle by domestic washing machines.

So, commercial washing machine is good for you when you have a high volume of clothes to clean every day.

When Domestic Washing Machine Is Good For You?

When you want a washing machine for your personal washing needs, you should go with the domestic washing machine.

Because they are cheap in pricing and enough for home washing needs. They are smaller in size and can stay in any corner of your home, installation is also easy to compare than commercial washing machines.

Here are the best domestic washing machines in India, you can use this list to buy one for you.

Best Commercial Washing Machine Brands

Here are the best commercial washing machine brands:


Speed Queen is a famous brand as a commercial washing machine manufacturer, it was founded in 1908 in Wisconsin.

They are famous for their advanced technology and their continued mission towards “effortless laundry“. It is one of top brand in commercial washing machine industry and first choice of buyer.


Maytag is an American company which was established in 1893, they designs and manufacture all their equipment in the USA. Maytag washers are reliable and built for sustainability.

Maytag washers have the ability to clean with high-speed performance and shorter washing cycles, it means they clean faster as well.


Whirlpool was established around since 1911 and one of the well-known commercial laundry brands. They are well know for their beautiful and thoughtful design as well as for “Innovation at the page of life” motto.

FAQ About The Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Washing Machines

What does commercial washer mean?

Commercial washers are a type of washer that are made to handle heavy washing machine needs. You can perform multiple wash cycles in a row and it can work for the whole day.

They are expensive than domestic washing machines and found in hotels, hospitals and other places where high volume clothes need to be cleaned every day.

What is a domestic washing machine?

Domestic washing machines are used for personal uses, it always found in homes and for small washing needs. They are cheap in cost, compare to commercial washing machines.

It is easy to install and take less space in your home.

Are Speed Queen washers worth the money?

In our opinion, Seed queen washers are worth the money. If you are tired from mold in your front-load washing machine, this is the brand for you. It provides reliable performance and can handle the commercial-grade load.

Are commercial washing machines better?

It totally depends on your need and budget. If you have the need to wash the high volume of clothes every day and require continuous wash cycle then Commercial washing machine is good for you.

They are expensive compare to domestic washing machines. So, if you have high washing needs then a commercial washing machine is good for you. But if you need a washing machine for your personal use then go with the domestic washing machine.

I hope you found this commercial vs domestic washing machines comparison help, I have shared all difference between commercial and domestic washing machines.

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